Conference presentations

We will have an onsite or in-person ITM conference in Barcelona where we all will have the opportunity to meet each other again. Unfortunately some participants are not able or allowed to travel to Barcelona. We will therefore combine onsite with online oral and poster presentations. An online platform (Meetmaps) will be used to integrate all these contributions and to provide access to the program, the live presentations, the extended abstracts, the posters, the Q&A and chat options.

An url with access to the Meetmaps platform will be provided from 4th of October onwards to those who have registered.

 This set up might look challenging (and it probably is), but a good preparation will help us to give you the optimal conference experience. Therefore we ask you to search for the situation below that is applicable to you and carefully follow the instructions.

Oral presentations onsite

Oral contributions should foresee 15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions & answers. These questions will be noted down and questions and answers will be included in the Springer book proceedings. Please make sure your power point presentation is Microsoft compatible and that it is uploaded before your session starts.

Poster presentations onsite

Posters can be presented during the conference. For the moment the COVID-19 rules in Barcelona still require social distancing (1,5 m), which will make it very challenging to discuss the posters face to face. Therefore the onsite poster presenters can join the program that has been set up for the online posters (see section poster presentations online). Poster boards will however be available throughout the conference. The maximum poster space will be 120 cm (width) x 160 cm (height), allowing for A0 posters in PORTRAIT orientation (preferred) or for other sizes as long as they fit this space.

Oral presentations online

You will be given the opportunity to give a live online presentation during your scheduled time slot (15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions & answers). However, to secure that your contribution will not be lost due to connection problems, we kindly ask you to send a pre-recorded video of your presentation. Please upload your video on - user: itm38 - psswd: ITM2021Videos (please contact before uploading videos larger than 1GB), indicating the title and ID number of your presentation before the 10th of October.

Poster presentations online

In order to make the online poster presentations as attractive and interactive as possible, we will organize the following 3 poster events:

  1. You are invited to send a pre-recorded flash presentation (poster pitch) to highlight you poster in 1 minute. Please upload your 1 minute video on - user: itm38 - psswd: ITM2021Videos (please contact before uploading videos larger than 1GB), indicating the title and ID number of your flash presentation before the 10th of October. Your pre-recorded flash video will be presented during the poster session on Monday 18th October, 17h20-18h00. The idea is to catch the attention of the participants, so that they want to learn more about your poster in (one of) the next two events: 
  2. During the poster review sessions on Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th October from 19h00 to 20h00, the ITM participants can visit your poster in one of the digital break out rooms that will be made available. In this way you’ll have the opportunity to present and discuss your poster in a live online environment. 
  3. Throughout the conference you’ll have the opportunity to show your poster in one of the poster channels provided by the Meetmaps online platform. Participants can visit your poster there during the conference, leave questions in the Q&A and use the chat function. You can provide an image (dimension and format: 1920pixels x 640pixels (landscape) in .PNG) that the participants will first see when entering your online poster space. Each poster presenter will have the option to upload documents in their poster channel in .PDF and .JPG format. This is an interesting opportunity to upload the poster in pdf or show supplementary material.